Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emily and Mo's wedding

Here are some snapshots from the day - everything was perfect ! ANd EMily was a beautiful bride !!!

some pictures from the reception

some pictures from the reception

Some photos from the big day!!!

SOme photos from the reception..........

Mo and his Mom dancing

EMily and her Dad - dancing with Cinderella

Emily and Mo - First Dance


We had a wonderful wedding - everything went just as planned ! the bride was beautiful and the groom never stopped smiling !!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My paper pieced quilt

this is the quilt i made with help from a few of my internet friends . Members of the Carol Doak yahoo group did a block exchange last fall - these blocks were made with my focus fabric and each person added their own fabric to complete the block .. They turned out great - and I put them together to make a throw for my sewing room . Vickie Crow machine quilted it for me and did a fabulous job !!!

Are you intested in Scrapbooking ?????????

I'd like to invite you to check out the new Creative Memories site - now you can do traditional scrapbooking or digital pages / books with the Creative Memories software - StoryBook Creator 3.0 . It's fantastic ! I'm just getting started with it - but it's very cool !!!

here's the link to my page... www.mycmsite.com/cindylubbert

My first art quilt project...

I took a class a couple weeks ago with Candace Kenyon Dove, from Muskogee, OK . It was a class on fabric collage. This is the project I worked on - still needs some more stitching - but it's a work in progress - i'll get back to it, after the wedding... :)

only 4 days until the wedding .....

I'm ready - my dress is done - the bridesmaid's jewelry is done - all the wedding gifts are wrapped... The Mother of the Bride is officially ready !!! and it's a first - i'm usually down to the wire before I finish my projects ... :)

after the wedding - I'll post pictures of the dress and the event - Emily is going to be beautiful !!! and Steve's going to look pretty sharp in his tux - it's been 30 years since he got that dressed up !!! and i'll have the cutest grand-daughter in her "pink" dress - she's so excited about that !!!

Looking forward to seeing friends and family and meeting Mo's family and their Texas friends ! SHould be fun !

Stay tuned for lots of photos next week !!!